About Us

We are on a mission to create beautiful, meaningful, and authentic events that look and feel just right...

Sky Weddings & Events is a full service planning & event design team that strives to produce events far beyond what meets the eye. We take pride in planning & designing events that will stimulate all of your senses. We are not kidding when we say you will actually FEEL your event. It's what we believe truly makes a memorable experience!

Our stylistic approach is a marriage of timeless and sophisticated simplicity with a modern and contemporary touch. Our designs are characterized by clean lines and shapes, and non-fussy decor. We believe the best events are those that have a warm and welcoming hospitable presence. We bring a lot of love, passion, and attention to detail to produce and execute an event experience that will be nothing short of amazing!

Hi I'm Genesis!

Thank you for stopping by!

My venture as Owner & Wedding Planner of Sky Weddings & Events began a few years ago. To be perfectly honest, Sky Weddings & Events did not happen because I had always dreamed of becoming a wedding planner (though I would not want it any other way now), but ironically, it happened through an unplanned series of life events, and by trusting my gut instinct.

I have to be very passionate about everything that I do, and my heart and soul yearned for a change. So, I packed up a little suitcase with all of my strengths, my passions, my wants and wishes, and ventured off into a world of creative entrepreneurship where I could use all of the tools in that one suitcase to make great things happen. And, I've never looked back!

This journey has allowed me to be a part of some of the biggest and most meaningful moments in peoples' lives. We walk alongside them as they embark on a new life journey with that one person in the WHOLE world that rocks their socks!

Sky Weddings & Events is here to collaborate with you and help you navigate your way through the ins and outs of wedding planning in the most enjoyable and comfortable approach to you. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your event will look and feel amazing! And, we'll ensure it's one heck of a party too!

We can't wait to meet you!

Happy Planning!

Meet Robia!

Robia joined our team a little over a year ago, and she quickly became our right hand girl. She is a jack of all trades equipped with her B.A. in Recreation Administration.

Robia assists our clients with everything from vendor bookings & management, RSVP tracking, room block reservations to wedding day logistics & coordination, plus everything else in between (and trust me, there's A LOT more in that in between). She is also our go-to girl when we are in need of legible and pretty hand writing for projects.

Robia is always willing to go above and beyond for our clients. She radiates positivity and good vibes. And, we love her for that! And, so will you!

Meet Nora!

Nora is witty, extremely creative, and a pro DIYer (this girl seriously takes crafting to the next level). Nora's favorite pastime is WEDDINGS! She has major love for everything weddings. And, a fine eye for detail.

On wedding day, Nora is our go to girl to ensure all of the little details are beautifully set & styled. And, she never disappoints.

When she isn't working weddings with our team, you can catch her designing & styling away beautifully curated f├ętes for her kiddos.

We are so lucky to have Nora on our team. And, we know you'll enjoy all of the creativity she will bring to your event!

Meet Jasmeen!

Jasmeen assists our team on event days with day-of coordination, and she also takes on the roles of brand ambassador, content manager, and marketing coordinator for Sky Weddings & Events.

Jasmeen has her B.A. in Marketing and has been an asset to our team since day one. From showing us how to post Instagram stories, to making sure our website stays current Jasmeen has been a complete technology and social media LIFE SAVER!

Jasmeen has a contagious lively and vibrant personality. It's always a good time when she's around!

Meet Peter!

Peter initially joined our team as a volunteer, but it did not take us very long to realize that we needed him to stay.

In short, Peter builds and fixes everything. He is our very own event technician. Peter helps build, install, repair any and all of that beautiful decor and oh, so pretty installations that require a special someone that knows how to properly use a drill, or a hammer, or go up very tall ladders with very heavy (but pretty) things.

Peter plays a big part on making all of those grand beautiful ideas happen, and so much more. There is not one event that goes by where Peter is not needed. And, when he is not at events we are often left wondering why we didn't schedule him in!