Genesis Wedding PlannerHi, I’m Genesis!

And, when I say I’m on a mission I really mean it! I’m on a mission to create meaningful, authentic, and vibrant events so good you can feel them! I find inspiration through working with couples and learning their unique story and the steps that got them to where they stand today. I am here to help you bring your love story and vision to life.

More so than just creating a beautiful wedding, I believe in and value the meaning of marriage. I love waking up everyday knowing that I am working with people who are just as ecstatic about the love that surrounds them, and that understand and appreciate that they have already checked off the most important item off of their wedding list: each other.

I am very passionate about everything that I do, so much that this business is named after my most valued and treasured being on this Earth: my daughter. Sky Weddings & Events did not happen because I have always dreamed of being an event planner (even though I wouldn’t want it any other way now), but ironically it happened through an unplanned series of life events, and by trusting my gut instinct. The birth of my daughter, Vienna Sky, had everything to do with it. Thank you gut!

Sky Weddings & Events is here to collaborate with you to help you navigate your way through all the ins and outs of wedding planning in the most enjoyable and comfortable approach for you. I will help translate all of the ideas growing in your head and make them happen! If you don’t already have your "dream wedding" pinned down, don’t worry! I am confident that together we can come up with the perfect wedding vision for you that will be right up your alley. And, it will be one heck of a party too!

Thank you for stopping by. Get in touch! I’d love to meet you!


I think you should know that when not working you can almost always find me catching up on Shark Tank and Fixer Upper episodes with my husband, watching comedy shows and movies, sipping on coffee or cocktails with family and friends, participating in full-day dance marathons at home with my daughter, or chasing her down Target aisles (happens more often that I wish it would), decorating our home and then doing it over and over again (it’s an addiction), or out exploring the world.